Mateo Duque Villegas

mateo-duque villegasMateo was born and raised in the city of flowers: MedellĂ­n (Mede-jean), Colombia in the year of 1992. Since he was a small kid he loved sports and school. His parents complained that he was always asking why this and that. At school he was always an outstanding student and also a good soccer player. As he grew up he started to feel interest in the fields of biology, physics and chemistry thanks to the great teachers he had. He graduated from Instituto San Carlos de la Salle in 2009 with high honors and a special award for good students. He is currently doing a major on Biological Engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (National University of Colombia). Today he is also a not-bad ultimate frisbee player, a literature lover, and recently joined a South American foundation that fights against extreme poverty.