Dr. Melanie Kitzan

melanie-kitzanOrganization: Intellectual Ventures
Personal Biography: “Melanie Kitzan grew up in small town North Dakota, and attended NYSC as a camper in 1991. Melanie went on to attain a B.S. degree in Biology, a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Cell Biology, and a J.D. She practices patent law in Seattle, WA. Nothing Melanie says while at camp should be construed as approved or authorized by her employer, as she clearly has her own opinions on pretty much everything.

Melanie is the honored caretaker of 3 daughters, two dogs, and possibly soon some bunnies (if her daughters get their way). She loves to play outside, even in the rain, in the form of hiking, biking, or running. Melanie is learning to oil paint, and play the cello.

This is Melanie’s second time back to camp since being a camper, and she is thrilled to be waking up where the rhododendrons grow, and sharing time with another outstanding group of extraordinary students. Melanie has been involved in the NYSC Alumni Association for several years, both as a Board of Advisers member, and an officer, and presently holds a position as a trustee on the NYSF board.”

Lecture Topic: Patenting Inventions in Science and Technology
Patent law is at the intersection of science, law, and business. Dr. Kitzan will walk the delegates through the process of patenting an invention in the United States. First, an invented solution to a scientific problem must be found. The lecture will then discuss what is patentable and non-patentable subject matter in the United States. Additional topics include: invention disclosure, patent application, and the process taken to get an issued patent. Finally, Dr. Kitzan will discuss how businesses use patents in the areas of science and technology to further their goals–including some interesting (and sometimes entertaining) real issued U.S. patents.