Ms. Maggie Wenger

maggie-wengerOrganization: San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
Personal Biography: Maggie Wenger is a NOAA Coastal Fellow at the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. She works with Parks and Recreation Departments in Alameda County to plan for and adapt to sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay. Before starting with BCDC, Maggie graduated from the University of Michigan with a M.S. in Natural Resource Management. Maggie was a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia and a four time staph member at NYSC.

Directed Study Topic: White Nose Syndrome: How cavers, biologists and the US Fish and Wildlife Service work together to protect bats
On this Directed Overnighter, Maggie and the caving staph will take delegates caving and work through a simulation of White Nose Syndrome mitigation efforts. Delegates interested in wildlife and outdoor recreation will have the opportunity to see the successes and challenges of environmental protection in West Virginia’s beautiful caves.