Dr. Bernie Schultz

johnb-schultzOrganization: West Virginia University
Personal Biography: Bernie Schultz, Ph.D., is Dean of the College of Creative Arts, Director of the Creative Arts Center and Professor of Art History at West Virginia University. He is the author of Art Anatomy in Renaissance Italy and co-author of Art Past/Art Present, recently published in its sixth, revised edition. Bernie’s publications also include pedagogical Study Guides for Art History. In 1991, Bernie curated an exhibition and co-authored a catalogue on faculty women artists at West Virginia University, and in 2004 co-authored the chapter, “Art Studies in America at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century” in Blanche Lazzell: The Life and Work of An American Modernist. Bernie has been recognized as a distinguished teacher, and in 1997, he received the Neil S. Bucklew Award for Social Justice at West Virginia University. In 2006, Bernie was honored with the Governor’s Award for Leadership in the Arts for the State of West Virginia, and in 2009 was named to the Commission on the Arts in West Virginia.

Directed Study Topic: How Art Got Science Going: When a Picture Really Was Worth a Thousand Words
This road trip will bring students to the College of Creative Arts at West Virginia University. There, they will explore “behind the scenes” at the WVU Art Museum, engage in a lecture on how the visual arts played a key role in the scientific revolution of the 16th century inf Europe, and learn to perform on steel drums.