Dr. Greg Wilson

gregory-wilsonOrganization: Iowa State University
Personal Biography: Greg Wilson is and Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Communication at Iowa State University. His studies how people use language to solve problems with technology. Previously, he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a researcher helping teams of scientist model large complex systems. He grew up just south of Atlanta, and has also lived in PA, DC, VA, MD NC, and NM before moving in 2008 to IA. He loves jokes and is quite fond of chocolate. Every now and then he likes to do things that are scary.

Lecture Topic: “History and Science of Plutonium”
In this talk we will discuss what it means to be an expert, where our ideas of expertise come from, how digital media is changing what it means to be an expert (e.g. Wikipedia and Facebook), and how future engineers and scientists must contend with new definitions of expertise as they start their careers.

Directed Study Topic: Science, Technology, and Humanity
Does technology change what it means to be human? This directed study will combine short videos, short readings, and discussions to address the question of how our technological advances have changed the way we live our lives, our morality, and how we understand ourselves. This directed study will discuss cavemen, cyborgs, and clones.