Dr. Emily Huang

emily-huangOrganization: UCSF Department of Surgery
Personal Biography: Emily Huang, MD is a resident in General Surgery at UCSF, in San Francisco, CA. She attended NYSC as a delegate from NJ in 2001, subsequently studied Computer Science at Princeton, then became a doctor specifically so that she could one day return to NYSC as a Directed Study presenter. She enjoys laparoscopic colectomies, kidney transplants, sunsets, and long walks on the beach.

Directed Study Topic: The Human Body Mechanic: an Introduction to Surgery
The Human Body Mechanic: In this Directed Study, delegates will learn basic principles of human anatomy and physiology and discuss specific surgical problems. We will then go over basic surgical techniques while we rehearse the “ballet” of the operating room. By the end of this Directed Study, delegates will hopefully have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform a simulated kidney transplant!