Dr. David Hackleman

david-hacklemanOrganization: Hewlett-Packard & Oregon State University
Personal Biography: David Hackleman arrived on this planet in Coos Bay, Oregon, and for those of you that know the place, observed a cloud-free sky only when his family moved to Klamath Falls. Prior to graduation from high school, he had attended 13 separate schools in various small towns all over Oregon because his father worked for the State Highway department. (Or so he said.) While in Jr. High, he received his Amateur Radio License, and a few things happened between that and graduation with honors from OSU in EECS, including attendance as a 1969 camper at NYSC! He then decided Chemistry was more interesting and completed a PhD (or since he studied Electrochemistry, it might be a pH.dE.). He retired from Hewlett Packard Company from his “Chief Technologist” position in the Technology Development Operation (famous for the development of that little known device, the Thermal Ink-Jet Printer. His team developed the inks…) and is teaching at Oregon State University, having been asked to accept the Linus Pauling Chair in Chemical Engineering and not knowing how to say no. His wife, Deb has recently retired from her position as senior librarian at OSU, and holds both an MS degree in Library and Computer Science. She has humored his inability to stay to one career for decades now. They both live in a home on a 40 acre tree (BIG TREES) farm about 3 miles outside the town of Suver, Oregon (population about 8). Oh,David holds around 20 patents in various fields.


Lecture Topic: “Take Leadership to Sustain our Current Planet”
Dr. Hackleman will relate the story of how ink jet printing started and grew at Hewlett-Packard company, from his perspective as one of the first chemists that showed up in the group. He was the first manager of the R/D team that invented the inks. He is one of the inventors listed on many of the patents. He worked within the group in the very early stages and stayed with the development for a couple of decades. Any questions about the technology or history are definitely welcome.

Directed Study Topic: Dissection of Ink-Jet Printheads and/or nuking plants
This directed study will allow delegates to dissect Ink Jet Printheads in a fashion similar to the way one does biological examinations, except it is physics-related. Although it is not toxic, the ink might stick around for a while, therefore delegates should be prepared to get ink on clothes and skin. Students may also get to see ink jet droplets in flight if adequate stroboscopic flashing can be arranged. We may also branch off into a study of extraction of essential oils from plants if time permits…or just do that instead depending the team’s interests.